Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding dresses are typically intricate in structure and detail; having a dress remodelled to fit you perfectly makes wedding dress alterations a task for a highly skilled bridal seamstress.

We perform bridal alterations to new dresses, preloved dresses, sample dresses and vintage dresses.

At Elite Alterations, we pride ourselves on finishing the garments as they were originally constructed unless stated otherwise or unless the customer themselves has requested not to.

Given that all wedding dresses are different in style, shape, number of layers and construction, all costs are bespoke also. If you would like estimated costs, please send us front, back and side pictures of yourself wearing the dress. Please ensure that these pictures are clear enough to see the detailing on the dress.

Typical wedding dress alterations include:

Taking in on the side seams

This can be from the top to the waist / hips or all the way down to the hem (to reshape at the hips). Occasionally, the dresses may need to be let out also.

Taking in from the centre back

More often than not, the centre back usually has a zip, buttons & loops (or both), or can be a lace up.

Shortening hems / Reshaping the train

The hem can have many layers. Often, there is a petticoat, lining and self layer. Sometimes the hem may have a lace scallop edging, crinalin edging or other details.

Lifting from the straps / shoulders

Sometimes, if the dress is too long in the body, lifting from the straps can help.


Straps can be added to a strapless dress. They can also be removed to make the dress strapless.


These are added to the dress to enable the bride to dance or to move around freely without worrying that it will get trodden on and ruined.

Bust cups

Bust cups are sometimes used when a bra isn't suitable. ie. if the dress is backless or see through.


Additionally, sometimes the dress has sleeves which may need taking in or shortening.


Neckline change, skirt re-shaping, removal of layers / petticoat, removal / adding of sleeves


Add diamante / beading to your wedding dress or accessories.


Fixing stitching that has come undone, delicate lace that has torn, beads that have fallen off, zip replacement, button changing.

Replacing buttons

Changing existing buttons to different sized, shape or colour. They can be fabric covered buttons in silks or lace.