Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I bring my dress to you?

The only service we offer is to come out to you. 

Why would I require a home visit?

Travelling with a big dress isn’t an option for many, so we take any stresses (of anything happening to it in transportation) away by offering a pick up and drop off service.

For most brides, having a fitting in the comfort of their own home is sometimes less intrusive than being in a shop with people milling around. 

Coming out to you also saves you time. Time which can be better spent on other wedding planning!

We also provide Saturday fittings so you don’t need to take time off work.

Is there a charge for this?

Yes, this is based on the mileage to come out to you. We request your postcode in order to give a quote on the call out charge.

Can you provide me with an alteration cost before the fitting?

Yes, we can. In order to do this we need to see clear pictures of the bride-to-be wearing the dress. These need to be taken from the front, back and sides so that we can see the amount of work required. 

We’d need to know if there is any beadwork or details that could affect the cost and we’d also need to know the number of layers in the skirt section of the dress if the hem is being shortened.

Please note, a costing will be based on all the information you have provided. 

Is there a consultation / fitting charge?

No. We do not charge for our time.

How long before my wedding should I book my fitting?

We recommend having the first fitting 6 weeks before the wedding.

Please book the fitting as soon as you can to avoid any disappointments. Being the busiest time of year, the diary does tend to fill up quickly.

What if I’m planning on losing weight?

If you’re planning on losing weight, we’d recommend having the first fitting around 4 weeks before the wedding.

How long will the fitting take?

We always allow up to an hour for the first fitting and at least half an hour for the second fitting.

What do I need for my fitting?

Your actual wedding shoes (or the exact heel height if your shoes haven’t arrived), underwear (in a nude colour), and or petticoat depending on whether you require your dress to flare out at the bottom. We recommend that you buy the underwear closer to the time of the fitting just in case there have been any changes in shape.

We supply sew in bust cups if needed.

Can i have a friend at the fitting?

Yes, but please note that the fitting goes by quite quickly so it's important to listen to the fitters advice and pay attention to how the dress is being fitted. 

How can I make payment?

An invoice will be sent to you after the fitting and all the bank transfer details will be on there.

Do you provide insurance?

We have comprehensive insurance policies that protect your dress. This also means that you wouldn’t have to worry about travelling anywhere on public transport with fear of anything happening to your dress. This is the main reason why customers use our services as it gives additional peace of mind.