Kristin Russell

Kristin Russell
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Satish was a pleasure to work with and a wizard of a seamstress. She was funny, sweet and chatty during our first meeting and her advice on how to alter my dress was clearly based on a breadth and depth of experience that makes her worth every penny.

She took a dress that was several sizes too big and made it look like it had been made for me. Dress was ready in plenty of time even though I was worried I'd left it too late to get it properly altered, and we didn't even need an extra fitting. Bustle was perfect for dancing the night away!

Alterations Made
  • Shorten 2x hems graduating to the side back (with horsehair)
  • Take in from the centre back with zip and buttons
  • Lift up from the shoulders, remove collar and reshape
  • Create 5x bustles to the top layer (bottom layer bustles waivered)