Caeli and Helen

Caeli and Helen

We couldn’t recommend Satish enough! She did a truly exceptional job and on top of that was one of our favourite suppliers we worked with as part of our wedding – a knock-out combination of skill and amazing personality, who seems to truly love what she does and go the extra mile, at very fair prices. She’s super warm and personable yet extremely knowledgeable, tactful and professional. She delivered the tailored alterations faultlessly. We actually looked forward to her fitting visits and enjoyed the time she spent with us.
We gave her a huge challenge – two dresses, one secondhand and one a sample sale dress, neither of which fit at all, and not only did she make them fit, she went beyond alterations on one of the dresses to suggest some re-designs that made it even better than to start with. The sample dress had a lace back that she hand-unpicked, sourced almost exactly the same lace and created a custom re-design that was so much better than the original and was absolutely stunning.
We got so many comments on our dresses on the day, and we were able to achieve our dream of designer dresses that we’d sourced at much cheaper prices only because Satish made them wearable for us.
If you’re looking for someone to entrust one of the most expensive items of clothing you’ll ever buy for one of the biggest days of your life, look no further – Satish is completely your woman!! She really made our dreams come true, and made us smile along the way.

Alterations Made


  • Shorten full hem (and petticoat ) by 3 inch all the way around
  • Add bust cups
  • Let out from the centre back and side back seams and move buttons over
  • Lower the belt
  • Lift up from the shoulder
  • Take in from the bust sea


  • Remove existing lace and replace lace at back
  • Lift fabric up from front and back (going through zip) and create a style line at the back
  • Add bust cups
  • Repair work