Dear Satish,

A belated email to say a huge thank you for the professional wonders that you worked with my wedding dress — especially your willingness and skill in making the beautiful French lace bespoke bolero. The fact that you came to my house each time for the... Continue reading Alison Worland

Satish was a complete star to work with. My Lazaro gown was cut extremely low at the front but we found the perfect piece of matching lace to make the neckline my own, as well as finding lace-covered solutions to tiny holes in the tulle that had appeared on the shoulders when... Continue reading Rachel Helleur

Hi Satish, 
Hopefully you’re well!
I just wanted to send through a couple of wedding photos (as promised).
Thank you again, for all of your amazing work on the dress. It was perfect on the day! So thank you so much!!

Candice Thorngaard

Dear Satish,

I am so glad to have found you online. Your reviews are well deserved. Satish did an amazing job on my dress. She replies to queries within a day and she was always available if you had a question. From a brand new unaltered dress, Satish managed to make it... Continue reading Dahlia

My gorgeous Elizabeth Fillmore dress needed a few adjustments before it fit right and Satish made it look just perfect! The first thing I remember her asking me while fitting the dress was “how does it feel?” rather than “how does it look?” and this made a huge difference in... Continue reading Andrea Valyi

It would be difficult to overemphasise what an integral part Satish played in making our wedding perfect. I had bought my dream Alexander McQueen (RTW!) dress online, but was doubting its dreaminess as it just wasn’t quite right — too loose at the top... Continue reading Leisa Millar

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I could not recommend Satish enough. She has done a fabulous job with my wedding dress, as well as being so patient and friendly… I cannot wait to wear it on the big day! I can’t divulge too many details for prying eyes, but Satish is a star!”... Continue reading Virginia Bullock

Satish is a consummate professional. I trusted her completely with my precious dress. Throughout the process she was attentive, meticulous and reliable. She did an outstanding job. It involved a lot of detailed and intricate work — including alterations to elaborate beading... Continue reading Rebecca Barry

As the big day approached I was losing sleep over my dream dress! I’d found ‘the one’ and had to have it, to hell with the fact it didn’t fit me (or my budget) properly!

It was busting at the seams in places and tatty around the edges after previous bodged repairs by... Continue reading Kara Cox

Hi Satish,

Just wanted to email to say thank you for altering my dress. It was perfect. I had so many compliments on it.

Here’s some pictures from the day.

Thanks again

Rebecca Sack

Hi Satish,

Thank you once again for making my dress a perfect fit! Here are some pics from our day.

Aisha Marie Asamany

Hi Satish!

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to thank you so much again for creating the most beautiful dress I have ever seen for my wedding. As you can see in the photos, it looked great on the day and there certainly weren’t any falls or slips from it!... Continue reading Claire