Leisa Millar

Leisa Millar

It would be difficult to overemphasise what an integral part Satish played in making our wedding perfect. I had bought my dream Alexander McQueen (RTW!) dress online, but was doubting its dreaminess as it just wasn’t quite right — too loose at the top, not quite right along the neckline, too tight along the hips, far too long. The list goes on.

I consulted with Satish about nine months before the day, as I was concerned I’d made a mistake and should continue looking. But she put my mind at ease immediately — snipping at seams, pinning it up, and basically reassuring me that what I wanted was no problem at all. After that initial fitting I was totally convinced that I should go ahead, and I am so pleased I did.

Satish is friendly, professionally, unflappable, and totally, unequivocally capable. She put me at ease during every fitting and my family loved her!

If you are going to trust anyone to take a pair of scissors to the most expensive dress you’ve ever bought, she’s absolutely a safe bet. What she achieved with the fit of my dress was nothing short of magic. (Oh — and she made me the perfect veil to go with it, too.)

Alterations Made
  • Made to measure, single tier, soft tulle veil
  • Lift up from the back seam to shorten the body (remove and replace the zip)
  • Lower neckline and make straps thinner. Also make the neckline gape less
  • Apply lace at neckline
  • Add bust cups
  • Take in from side seams – going into detail
  • Shorten hem
  • Add a bustle