Wedding dress alterations for Yeonhee Jeong

Bridal gown alterations for Yeonhee Jeong image

Dear Satish, 

Thank you for all your help with my dress.

I have always wanted to wear Pronovias on my wedding day since I engaged. And I could find the one, but the size was too big. I knew that it must have done alteration by an expert for 2 size down. The dress was made by mikado silk and very delicate.

You were the one who could manage it perfectly. You were confident and understood about exactly what I wanted when you saw the dress first. That made me I could be relieved a lot from the many things to worry about before marriage. Your alteration was fast and the dress was fitted gorgeously even on the first fitting day.

You made me a great wedding day! Everyone loved my dress and said it fits perfectly.

Thank you again

Alterations made: