Wedding dress alterations for Rachel Helleur

Bridal gown alterations for Rachel Helleur image

Satish was a complete star to work with. My Lazaro gown was cut extremely low at the front but we found the perfect piece of matching lace to make the neckline my own, as well as finding lace-covered solutions to tiny holes in the tulle that had appeared on the shoulders when the weight of the dress was too much for the fabric.

I actually preferred the design with the extra pieces of appliqué! I wanted the flashy original belt to be replaced by something simpler, which Satish sourced herself and did beautifully. Then she knocked it out of the park creating 32 bustles for the massive tulle skirt so that I could dance the night away! It took my Mum and two sisters to bustle it up as it was so complicated! But it was worth it…! Thank you so much Satish!

Alterations made: