Wedding dress alterations for Kara Cox

Bridal gown alterations for Kara Cox image

As the big day approached I was losing sleep over my dream dress! I’d found ‘the one’ and had to have it, to hell with the fact it didn’t fit me (or my budget) properly!

It was busting at the seams in places and tatty around the edges after previous bodged repairs by the dress shop.

During the first consultation Satish carefully assessed every inch of the dress, ascertaining exactly what I wanted to achieve. Half an hour of pinning, lifting and snipping and Satish had worked some serious magic. I could finally envisage what the dress would look like. The sense of relief was immense!

Incredibly talented and diligent, Satish has a creative solution to every problem. She exceeded all my expectations and ultimately the dress I wore on my wedding day looked brand new and fit beautifully. The praise I received was overwhelming and it’s all thanks to that very skilful seamstress Satish!

Alterations made: